A Line of Lines to Broga and Semenyih


A Line of Lines to Broga and Semenyih

PACKAGE : Door Delivery of Gas Line Pipes
Cargo : 15,820 lengths of Pipes

We were tasked to handle a shipment of gas line pipes from Port Klang to a storage yard for pipes in the locations mentioned above. It was a huge shipment with 15,820 pipes of different lengths, shapes and sizes, and thus required a big arrangement for delivery.

Our tireless and eveready operations team started work straightaway to begin discharging the pipes from the port. With such a big quantity, our operations team worked around the clock (24 hours), for a total of seven days just to process this! Once the shipment was discharged, the delivery arrangements were made and that took a monitoring and guiding of eleven hours daily to make sure the delivery was on time. A total of 800 truck trips were scheduled back to back between Port Klang and the storage yard and it took 24 days to completely deliver all the pipes.

Our commitment to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo on time is made possible by our dedicated and competent project team.