Air Freight Part-Charter :- Door Italy to Door Malaysia

In Q1 2017, we had undertaken an urgent 23.5 metric ton consignment of a Ball Valve Trunnion and accesories from door Italy to door Malaysia. The valve case measured L 5.12 m x W 1.93 m x H 1.41 m and weighed 18.00 metric tons while the accesories of blind flanges measured at L 2.81 m x W 1.51 m x H 1.41m and weighed 5.50 metric tons. Due to the time senstive nature of the cargo, the cases were moved over the weekend by truck with two dedicated drivers from Varese, Italy to AMS airport. From there, the cargo was freighted on part charter basis up to Singapore airport. From Singapore airport, the cargo was trucked to Port Klang for blasting and painting and subsequently trucked to final door destination at Nilai

Ball Valve Trunnion case loaded onto airline pallet at AMS airport

Ball Valve Trunnion being packed at shipper's premise, Varese Italy

Additional Cargo of blind flanges being cased-up at Varese, Italy

Case moved by road from Singapore airport to Port Klang blasting shop