Automotive Parts Factory

PACKAGE : Seyi Double Crank Press S2-400
SCOPE OF WORK : Delivery ex Port to Door
Lifting and Positioning

The establishment of Malaysia’s National car project in the 1980’s has transformed our country from motor car assembler into a car manufacturer. With this transformation, Malaysia’s automotive industry has contributed to skill development and increase engineering capabilities within the workforce. In addition, it also boosted the development of supporting industries.

Through our partners in Taiwan, we managed to handle import delivery of Seyi’s crank press units to suppliers of car manufacturers such Burnmark Industries Sdn Bhd and Allied Precision Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. The cargo was received under hook at Singapore Port and delivered to consignee’s premises in Johor Baru.

In one of the jobs, in addition to delivering the cargo, additional scope of works included unloading, unpacking the cargo and positioning cargo in the production line within the factory. A 300 ton capacity truck crane was hired in order to safely position the cargo in the factory.

Lifting and Positioning Scope

Repositioning of Crank Press

Crank Press is moved to factory door

Lifting of Crank Press of the ground

REQUIREMENT : Positioning of Crank Press inside consignee’s factory
PROBLEM : Height restriction due to factory door
SOLUTION : Create access by removing portion of the factory roof
Lift the Crank Press through the roof using a 300 ton crane
  1. Upon unpacking the Crank Press, our first task is to reposition the crank press from horizontal to vertical position.
  2. Next the press is placed on 4 pieces of skates with combined capacity of 100 tons to move the crank press to the factory door.
  3. Once the factory roof is remove, the crank press is lifted over the the roof and placed on ground inside factory, next to its foundation pit.
  4. Finally, the crank Press is then lowered into the 1 meter depth foundation pit.

Lifting of Crank Press over the roof

Positioning of Crank Press into foundation pit

Crank Press placed into position