Bi-Drum Watertube Boiler from Port Klang to Asahan riverine jetty

Prior delivery to riverine port, our project team ascertained the draft of the river on the navigation path from the river mouth to the location of discharge jetty. From our survey, calculating the cargo load, as well as pre-determining the footprint we recommended for the use of a 220 feet pontoon barge. This is to ensure that the barge is able to navigate the shallow river which at the lowest point, has a depth of only 1.50 meters.

Cargo: Bi-Drum Watertube Boiler
Place of Delivery : Tanjung Balai riverine jetty, Asahan , Indonesia
Cargo Volume : 145 packages / 647.9 cbm / 276.36 metric tones

Cargo loading at Port Klang jetty

Small riverboards used as make shift tugs at Asahan

View of the barge being towed by riverboats