We understand the need for brilliant people to be in an environment that is flexible to bring out the best in them. Our unorthodox office and work style is designed to cater to "A" players. Everyday is an adventure here.

We attract and employ the best in the business. Once you are in, we can assure you that you will be working amongst the best from around the world. We believe in the fact "A" people attract "A" people.

You will be exposed to various types of jobs, people and places. Not many jobs as today are able to give an individual such exposure. This is one of our specialities as cargo is a global business.

With experience, one becomes indispendable. By handling the range of jobs here, you are not going to learn a lot about the trade, but you will learn a lot from the various people you come across.

International Exposure

We deal with all kinds of people from every corner of the world. Therefore, your level of cultural awareness will indeed grow. Not to mention, you get to travel a fair bit too!


Annual Company Trips! This has indeed maintained our close-knit relationship with each and every of them

Opportunity to Grow - As an Individual

The growth we speak of is not only in the job, but as a person. We have seen over the years those who have gained so much from working with us. Climbing the ranks is one, but being moulded to become a problem solver with determined attitude is something we take pride in.

Skill Enhancement - Learn the Trade

Starting from our employee development program right to the types of jobs we handles, every aspect of it hones valuable set of skills. With the right attitude, you will become an expert in the field in no time!