Door Delivery of Gas Line Pipes

In October 2017, we handled a port to door shipment of Gas Line Pipes from Port Klang to Broga and Semenyih pipe storage yard, in Selangor State

Our operation team worked around the clock (24 hours for 7 days) to complete the discharging process of pipes from vessel. Additionally, it took our operation team working in excess of 11 hours daily to meet delivery schedule to consingee's pipe storgae yard at Broga & Semenyih. A total of 800 truck trips were deployed from Port Klang which took 24 days to complete.

PACKAGE : Door Delivery of Gas Line Pipes 
Cargo : 15,820 lengths of Pipes
SCOPE OF WORK : 1.  Discharging from Vessel
2. Transloading at Port Klang including storage and staging
3. Trucking to Broga & Semenyih yard
4. Unloading of pipes at Broga & Semenyih

Staging at Westport Terminal

Reloading of pipes at Port Klang Staging Area