US Bound Heavyweights


Shipment of Pressure Vessels from Kuantan to DeKalb, Mississippi, USA – October, 2012

We secured a contract to transport 4 unit of PCD Filter Vessel and 2 units of Flare KO Drum from Malaysia to the United States. Two part vessel charter was arranged with BBC Chartering with each shipment of 3 units to Mobile port where it will be received by barge for river transportation to an inland RORO site which is about 72 miles from the project site.

A lot of advance planning has to be carried out especially in the United States as engineered drawings has to be submitted for bridge analysis as well as physical inspection of bridges and proposed route in order to obtain the road permit. Due to the extreme cargo height of the PCD vessels at 7.00 meter, approval has to be obtained for ‘de-energizing’ of high tension overhead wires found in certain part of the route in order to allow the cargo to pass under.

The first shipment has been discharged by RORO operations with the KO drums having been delivered safely on site. The second shipment of 3 units of PCD vessels arrived Mobile on Christmas day. Our project Manager was on site to supervise the discharging from vessel to barge at Mobile subsequent RORO discharge including heavy haul to site.

Scope of Work : Door to Door
Port of Loading : Port Klang, Malaysia
Port of Discharge : Mobile, USA
Final Destination : Mississippi Power Company, De Kalb
Commodity : Pressure Vessels
Total Volume : 5,471.73 cbm
Total Gross Weight : 1,289.53 M/Ton