IV Tren San Joaquin

PACKAGE : Gas Treatment Package
YEAR : 2014
SCOPE OF WORK : Storage and Port Handling

CNC Freight handled the pre-carriage of 21 units of Molecular Sieve Absorbers on behalf of our partner. We had to arrange 12 months storage at Port Klang Free Zone. Due to the weight of cargo, heaviest being 109 metric tons, we had to prepare the open yard with steel plates to distribute the weight of the cargo. We received the cargo at the storage area by arranging 2 x 120 cranes.

Storage of cargo at Port Klang Free Zone

15 hydraulic multi-axle lines were used

After 12 months, we had to clean the cargo and also arranged the shunting of cargo to the wharf side. We assisted our partner to ensure all cargo’s was safely loaded on board of the vessel.