Ivory Coast POM

PACKAGE : 5 unit Watertube Boilers
YEAR : 2009
SCOPE OF WORK : Door to Port arrangement to Abidjan, Ivory Coast
TOTAL SHIPPING VOLUME : 2300 freight tons, 6 x 40 GP and 16 x 20 GP

Malaysia being one of the largest exporters of Palm Oil, as strong global demand for palm oil continues to increase; naturally there is an increased investment in non-traditional markets for the palm oil industry. In 2009, our client secured an order to supply 5 unit of watertube boilers to a palm oil mil in Ivory Coast.

With sufficient cargo volume, we arrange part charter of a breakbulk vessel. In addition, some remaining equipment’s were stuffed into 6 x 40 GPs and 16 x 20 GPs and shipped out by regular containerized vessel.