Oil & Gas Industry

Whether it is transporting goods related to pipeline projects or to offshore oil & gas fields, we have the experience in handling the job. Below are some of the projects we have facilitated:

Diyarbekir Oilfield Development Project, Turkmenistan

PACKAGE : Installation & Commissioning of Offshore Pipeline and Associated Civil Work
YEAR : 2013-2014
SCOPE : Door to Door transportation of equipment and materials from various country of origin

Melut Basin Oilfield Development Project, Sudan

PACKAGE : Construction of 6 Nos. Pumping Facility
YEAR : 2004- 2006
SCOPE : Door to port logistics arrangement from various countries of origin
VOLUME : 15,000 cbm.

Tharjath Oilfield Development Project

PACKAGE : Central Processing Facilities for Crude Oil.
YEAR : 2005- 2006
SCOPE : Door to port logistics
VOLUME : Approximately 8,000 cbm.