Three Drummers Travelling to Canada


Flash Drain Drum from door KNM, Malacca to door Tofield, Canada – August, 2013

CNC Freight Services secured an order for door to door transportation of 2 units Amine Drain Drum and Hydrocarbon Drain Drum (HDD) from Malaysia to Canada.

As there was a lack of conventional sailings to Canada, the oversized HDD has to be shipped separately to a different port of discharge ie, Seattle in USA as a breakbulk cargo on a container vessel. The Amine Drum was shipped together with 12 nos. Stand Pipes in 4x40’ Open-Top out of gauge through Vancouver BC. Both shipments took place in August, 2013.

The dimension of both vessels are as follows,

  • HDD Vessel : L 1110cm x W 366cm x H 408cm, Gross Weight: 56,247 kgs
  • Amine Vessel : L 769cm x W 214cm x H 251cm, Gross Weight: 10,317 kgs

We consulted at very early stage with GPLN member from Canada ie, Rhode & Liesenfield Canada Ltd. in order to ascertain viability of the port to be used, route accessibility from seaport and road permits issue.

With advance planning and close coordination with R&L Canada, the breakbulk piece was delivered smoothly taking a total of 27 days from vessel departure date up to the jobsite. The road journey from Seattle port to Tofield, Alberta itself took 5 days.

For all the Open-top containers, R&L Canada arrange to strip the cargo at Vancouver and transported to consignee’s premises as breakbulk.

Our Malaysian customer was extremely pleased with us and our Canadian agent on the timely delivery of their cargo.