Palm Oil Industry

Holding 39% of the world palm oil production, Malaysia naturally is one of the major producers of machinery and equipment for extraction of vegetable oil. We have been transporting crude palm oil mill & edible oil refinery equipment for our local exporters to all over the world:

PT Golden Hope Nusantara Crude Palm Oil Mill

PACKAGE : Package Boiler
YEAR : 2012
SCOPE : Door to Door arrangement to Palm Oil Mil site in Kota Baru, Indonesia
VOLUME : 800 m3 (Heaviest piece - 35 ton)

Crude Palm Oil Mill , Ivory Coast

PACKAGE : 5 unit Watertube Boilers
YEAR : 2012-Ongoing
SCOPE : Door to Port arrangement
VOLUME : 2300 freight tons, 38 teus containerized

Extractora Catatumbo S.A Palm Oil Mill

PACKAGE : Hydro Power Turbines
YEAR : 2009
SCOPE : Stuffing Services and delivery to port
VOLUME : 42 teus (mixture OT/GP/HQ/FR)