A Boiling Affair


PT. Pradiksi Pratama Crude Palm Oil Mill Project – December, 2018.

Last December 2018, CNC Freight Services Sdn. Bhd. was awarded a contract to arrange transportation of a complete palm oil mill boiler from Port Klang to a riverine port at Tanah Grogot, East Kalimantan. The total shipping volume is 5340 freight tons and a full 330 feet barge charter of was used.

Prior delivery to riverine port, our project team ascertained the navigation path towards discharge jetty and jetty’s condition.

From our survey, a temporary ramp had to be made to ensure the discharging can be carried out properly and cargo subsequently delivered to mill site jetty.

Our personnel were involved during the river journey at Tanah Grogot to make sure that the barge arrives at the jetty without any navigational problem and stayed until all cargo was discharged safely.

Cargo : Equipment & Material for Crude Palm Oil Mill
Place of Loading : Port Klang, Malaysia
Place of Delivery : Tanah Grogot, East Kalimantan
Total Packages : 946 packages
Total Volume : 5340 freight tons