Bakun Hydro Power Plant


Our client, was involved in supply four of eight hydro-power turbines to the 2,400-megawatt Bakun dam project and we were tasked to deliver the turbines from IMPSA’s yard at Lumut all the way to Bakun dam site.

A barge charter was arranged for ocean transportation to Bakun and RORO operation was involved for loading and discharging the cargo.

This project is significant for CNC Freight as it is first project in renewable energy industry.

What’s Floating Across the Sea? A Source of Renewable Energy!

A client of ours was involved to supply four out of eight hydro-powered turbines to the 2,400-megawatt Bakun dam project. We were tasked to deliver the said turbines from IMPSA’s yard in Lumut to the power plant.

Not much out of the ordinary, as the project required basic barge chartering for ocean travel to Bakun, and some RORO operation involved to load and discharge the cargo.

What made this project particularly special to us was the opportunity to work with the renewable energy industry, which was a first for us!