PT Golden Hope POM


A Complex Solution using Simple Facilities

The job was to supply a packaged boiler for a palm oil mill in Kota Baru in South Kalimantan. We were contracted to provide door-to-door delivery and was a rather interesting one as we were posed with two key challenges.

Firstly, PT golden Hope Jetty is a low draft clearance. The facility is a very basic with not many facilities which could ease the job. After studying the situation, our project team came up with the solution that a basic jetty required basic methods, and thus, the landing craft transport (LCT) would be most suitable. The LCT was based on a design originally used in World War 2 for the onshore deployment of infantry troops.

Secondly, the condition of the jetty. The discharging of the packaged boiler required a 150 ton crawler crane to be deployed. We worked with our Indonesion agent to arrange for additional sand to reinforce the ground at the jetty to accomodate for such a heavy crane to be supported.

Careful calculation and stowage planning was done for the discharging operation because the distance between the crane and berth at PT Golden Hope’s jetty was quite far.