Qatar National Convention Centre

PACKAGE : Steel Structures
YEAR : 2006/2007
SCOPE OF WORK : Door to Door delivery (Doha)

The Qatar National Convention Centre is located in Gharafat al Rayyan, on the Dukhan Highway in Doha, Qatar. Officially opened on 4 December 2011, the Qatar National Convention Centre is an unparalleled convention facility, boasting iconic design inspired by the Sidra Trees and cutting edge facilities in a world-first green-technology venue. Our client secured the contract to supply steel structures for this project.

Qatar National Convention Centre

The temporary steel structures was discharged at Sharjah port and onforward by overland trucking, passing 3 border points of UAE, Saud Arabia and finally Qatar.

The reason was due to port congestion at Doha and we have to come up with a soloution to deliver the cargo to Doha within the shortest possible time.

Tower Frames lying at Sharjah Port

Loading Operations at Sharjah

Trucks loaded with cargo