Shuqaiq 2 IWPP

PACKAGE : Onshore & Offshore Civil Works
YEAR : 2007 -2009
SCOPE OF WORK : Importing from various parts of the world to Saudi Arabia
AIRFREIGHT : 150 freight tons
SEAFREIGHT : 12,000 freight tons

Storage of cargo at Port Klang Free Zone

12,000 freight ton coated pipes from Kuantan to Jizan

We have handled close to 50 shipments from August to October 2009, with most of the cargo going by airfreight with total volume up to approximately 150,000 kgs. This was a record in our history for the most amount of airfreight volume shipped for a single project.

One of the interesting shipments was two units of Seawater pumps which was handled on ex-works Savannah and flown out from New York airport to Jeddah. Due to its long length, special attention was given to handling of the crates.

Another case was handling a diesel generator from Shanghai to Dubai. The generator set has to be air freighted to Dubai airport due to its classification as DGR goods and lack of direct freighter service to Jeddah. From Dubai, our agent took custody of the cargo and delivered by truck all the way to jobsite at Saudi Arabia.