SMART Tunnel Project

PACKAGE : Slurry Pump Equipment and Tunnel Boring Machine
YEAR : 2006
SCOPE OF WORK : Door to Port to Delivery
TOTAL SHIPPING VOLUME : Approximately 100 Teus Containerized Cargoes and 1968 revenue ton

As a Malaysian based company, it makes CNC Freight proud to be in small part of a significant Malaysian based project, the SMART Tunnel Project.

Entrance of the Smart Tunnel Today

2 units of Herrenknecht’s TBM was use to dig a tunnel of about 10 km. Nearing the completion of the tunnel, the TBM parts needed to be delivered back to Germany. Through our partners in Germany, we managed to handle the freight and logistics portion for this export delivery.

Due to the weight of the cargo multiaxles were used to transport the cargo from the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre to Port Klang.

Among the TBM parts were 8 pieces of Shield Segments, each weighing between 55 to 75 mts and the Cutter Wheel Center weighing at 117 ton which was the heaviest piece.

To minimize freight cost, Slurry Pump Equipment’s were planned to be transported via containerized vessels.

SMART Tunnel is a storm drainage and road structure in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a major national project in the country. The 9.7km tunnel is the longest stormwater tunnel in South East Asia and second longest in Asia.