Tharjath Oilfield Development Project

PACKAGE : Central Processing Facilities for Crude Oil
YEAR : 2005 to 2006
SCOPE OF WORK : Door to port logistics arrangement from Malaysia/Singapore including part-charter of vessels.
TOTAL SHIPPING VOLUME : Approximately 8,000 cbm.

The Thar Jath field development involves the setting up of new infrastructure to store, treat and transport the oil, and linking this infrastructure to the existing facilities.

The crude oil will be treated at a new central processing facility and will be transported via a new 172-kilometre pipeline to an existing pump station in Heglig before it makes its way through GNPOC's 1,542-kilometre pipeline to Port Sudan.

The project started in March, 2005 and completed in April, 2006

Our client, who secured the turnkey contract, awarded CNC Freight Services the freight and logistics portion for all cargo and equipment coming out from Malaysia.

Loading of Process Skids on part Charter vessel MV ”Melum” at Lumut port.

Loading of crawler crane at singaore on part-chartered vessel.