Treading on Shallow Waters


Treading on Shallow Waters

Cargo: Bi-Drum Watertube Boiler
Place of Delivery : Tanjung Balai riverine jetty, Asahan , Indonesia
Cargo Volume : 145 packages / 647.9 cbm / 276.36 metric tones

145 packages, total of 647.9 cubic meters, weighing 276.36 metric tons…. That is the size and weight of a bi-drum water tube boiler when disassembled for delivery. The challenge, however, is not so much the size and weight of the cargo, but more so, the conditions that we had to travel through to deliver it.

It was a project we took up to deliver from Port Klang, all the way to Tanjung Balai Riverine Jetty located in Asahan, Indonesia. The trip was going to be going through a gradually narrowing river with the shallowest depth of 1.5 meters. Our project team surveyed the route and conditions of the river and were soon drafting out a solution. Based on their recommendations, it was best to engage a 220 feet pontoon with multiple riverboats acting as makeshift tugboats.

With the care and expertise of our experienced project team’s guidance, the cargo was delivered and arrived at its destination intact.