Ulu Jelai Hydro

PACKAGE : Civil Package
YEAR : 2012 - ongoing
SCOPE OF WORK : Custom Clearance
Application of Temporary Importation of Equipment and tools for the project
Delivery ex Port Klang Seaport/Kuala Lumpur Airport to Ulu Jelai Site

The Ulu Jelai Hyroelectric project is located in the district of Cameron Highlands, Pahang , 220km away from Port Klang. The main features of this project is the 88 metres Susu da, telanok underground power station and 22 km long tunnels. This project is expected to generate an annual energy supply of 326GW.

Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric project jobsite

CNC Freight Services secured a contract to arrange local custom clearance and transportation. Mobilization of the site construction equipment started around 2012 and includes equipment such as the Rock Drilling Jumbo Tamrock Machines as well as a unit of Tunnel Boring Machine.

Rock Drilling Equipment ex MV ‘Trina’

Front Shield of TBM discharged from vessel onto multi-axle

Among the deliveries to the site construction, the delivery of the tunnel boring machine was most challenging due to the steep gradient of the road slope.

Transfer of TBM front shield to Lemoi Tunnel Site