We understand the need for brilliant people to be in an environment that is flexible to bring out the best in them. Our unorthodox office and work style is designed to cater to "A" players. Everyday is an adventure here.


Working with high-fliers

Habits and culture are contagious. With our extensive portfolios and track record in the business, you can be assured that our company consists of the best from around the world! With High-Fliers like them, you can bet that the habits and culture of highly energetic and positive solution finders will start to grow on you!

High exposure

Our industry services clients across various fields. You will be working with people from all over the globe. Not many jobs can give you the type of exposure that builds such an extensive network. Working with us, is like working with the world…. A truly global business!



Experience is not just based on head knowledge. It is about having a hand in facing a task. The range of jobs you will be exposed to in CNC Freight Services not only teaches you about the trade of cargo shipping, but also learning to deal with various people and their experiences.


International exposure

Being a global business, we deal with people from every corner of the world. You will be introduced to various cultures. You will be sent around the world to deal and negotiate with clients, and let’s face it… who does not like travelling?


As an effort to maintain a close-knit relationship among our staff, we make sure to reward everyone with an Annual Company Trip! Over the years, this has proven to work and brought everyone closer together as a unit. We are so close, it feels like family!

Opportunity to grow - as an individual

Everyone goes through life as a personal journey. As a company, we try our best to furnish your path with as many experiences to help you grow as an individual.Over the years, we have seen how some of our staff has grown just by working with us. Climbing the corporate ladder may be a motivation to one, but being moulded to become a problem solver with determination is what we strive to achieve.

Skill enhancement - learn the trade

When one decides to join our company, we make sure that the person is well equipped with the knowledge of the trade. No matter fresh or having been in the workforce for some time, there are always new things to discover and learn. Therefore, the company will invest in you to make sure that you are ready and become an expert in the field.


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Full time

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