IV Tren San Joaquin


A Balancing Act to be Stored

21 units of Molecular Sieve Absorbers needed to make its way to its destination but before the cargo was processed to proceed, a pre-carriage procedure needed to take place. On behalf of our partner, we handled the pre-carriage. A total of 12 months of storage needed to take place in the Port Klang Free Zone. It wasn’t an easy task, as the weight of the cargo was extremely heavy, with its heaviest component weighing in at 109 metric tons! But no job were too daunting for our passionate team as they problem solved for the situation. An open yard with steel plates were prepared to allow for even weight distribution. We ended up arranging for 2 x 120 cranes as we received the cargo.

Twelve months passed, we cleaned up the cargo and arranged the shunting of cargo to the wharf side. We made sure that all the cargo were loaded on board the vessel safely and saw it off to its intended destination.